Frequently Asked Questions Open Enrollment 2021

Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2021 is now closed.
Elections made during the open enrollment period
will go into effect January 1, 2021

AlaskaCare Benefits
Voluntary Benefits

  1. When is Open Enrollment?
  2. How do I enroll?
  3. If I am unable to enroll online, can I submit my elections by paper form?
  4. Will I get new cards?
  5. Are there any changes to the health plan for this upcoming year?
  6. How can I get a current copy of the Health Plan booklet showing all plan changes?
  7. Are hearing aids covered under the AlaskaCare health plan?
  8. Will I be taxed on my health benefits?
  9. FAQs: Select AlaskaCare Benefits
  10. FAQs: Voluntary Supplemental Benefits
  1. When is Open Enrollment?

    Open Enrollment for the AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan and Voluntary Supplemental Benefits (VSB) is November 4 through November 25, 2020 for the benefit year beginning January 2021.

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  3. How do I enroll?

    The enrollment process must be completed online. Information to help you make decisions about your benefits and to understand how to change your enrollment selections is available at the Open Enrollment Guide. Personalized information will not be sent to members.

    Visit the How to Enroll page to learn more about how to enroll, including how to:

    • Login to your account – through your myRnB portal. Look for the myRnB button in the left column of any Division Web page.
    • View your current benefits and change your elections.
    • Review the dependents under your health plan and add or remove dependents as necessary.
    • Make sure you have provided your dependent's social security number. Under the individual shared responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals must indicate their enrolled dependents, as well as themselves, have had a full year of qualifying health care coverage (called minimum essential coverage), qualify for an exemption, or pay a penalty when filing their income taxes. By providing your dependent social security numbers, we can report proof of minimum essential health care coverage to help you avoid the hassle of having to prove to the IRS that your dependents had coverage.
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  5. If I am unable to enroll online, can I submit my elections by paper form?

    Enrollments must be made online. If you experience technical difficulties while trying to enroll contact the Member Services Center at (800) 821-2251 or in Juneau at (907) 465-4460 Member Services Center Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Alaska Time.

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  7. Will I get new cards?

    If you make changes to your health elections or to your beneficiary information, you will be mailed a new medical ID card from Aetna, a new pharmacy ID card from OptumRx, and a new dental ID card from Delta Dental of Alaska. If you do not make changes, you will not receive new cards.

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  9. Are there any changes to the health plan?

    Yes—there are several important changes to the AlaskaCare health plan that will take effective January 1, 2021, including:

    • Reduced Standard medical plan monthly premiums.
    • Increased network hospital choices in the Anchorage area – beginning January 1, 2021 BOTH Alaska Regional Hospital and Providence Alaska Medical are in network.
    • Reduced costs for specialty medications.

    Please visit the AlaskaCare Benefits page for more information.

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  11. How can I get a current copy of the Health Plan booklet showing all plan changes?

    A new plan booklet will be released on or before January 1, 2021, for the new benefit year. You can find the current plan booklet here.

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  13. Are hearing aids covered under the AlaskaCare health plan?

    Coverage for hearing aids is available under the audio coverage through the medical plan. Audio services pay a maximum benefit of $3,000 in a rolling 36-month period. A hearing aid (monaural or binaural) is a covered service if prescribed as a result of an otological (ear) or audiological (hearing) examination. This includes ear mold(s), hearing aid instrument, initial batteries, cords, and other necessary supplementary equipment as well as warranty, and follow-up consultation within 30 days following delivery of the hearing aid.

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  15. Will I be taxed on my health benefits?

    No, the amount you pay each month for your health benefits is taken from your paychecks on a pre-tax basis. The plan meets the criteria under Internal Revenue Code §125 and its accompanying Treasury Regulations, which govern cafeteria plans as offered under the Select Benefits Health Plan. This allows premiums that are taken from your paycheck to be deducted prior to taxes being calculated.

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