Investment Information and Financial Education

Alaska Retirement Managment (ARM) Board
The Alaska Retirement Management (ARM) Board selects the providers of plan investment options.
eLearning Online Seminars
Seminars and classroom learning for financial education and retirement planning for participants of all ages.
Financial Newsletter – published quarterly (Financial Footnotes)
This newsletter provides financial education articles, tips for savings, retirement planning and information about the medical and other benefits for the PERS and TRS Defined Contribution Plan participant.
Investment Option Detail Sheets
Detailed information regarding each investment option offered by the plan including risk level, investment philosphy and management.
Monthly Report
Current periodic performance reports of each fund.
Reality Investing
A three-tiered financial advice system greared to fit each participants knowledge level and behavior. Includes guidance materials for the do-it-myself participant, advice for the participant who wants help and a professionally managed account for the person who would rather professionals manage the account.