Elected Official Participation Waiver


As a compensated elected official of a Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS)-covered political subdivision employer that participates in the Defined Contribution Retirement (DCR) Plan, you have the opportunity to participate in the PERS DCR Plan. Within 30 days after your term of office begins, you must decide to either waive membership rights or become a contributing member of the PERS DCR Plan. Under Alaska Statute 39.35.725, Participation of Elected Officials, your employer must enroll you in the PERS DCR Plan unless:

  • Your covered employer has not designated elected officials under AS 39.35.957 as a classification of employees entitled to participate in the plan.
  • You waive PERS DCR Plan membership by signing a written waiver which is filed with the Division of Retirement and Benefits. To be eligible to waive participation in the PERS DCR Plan, you must have had no previous employment under the system with this political subdivision, or you must have retired under the system.

Participation in the plan by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and members of the State Legislature is mandatory per AS 39.35.990. If you are currently employed as a full-time PERS or Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) member, or you are retired, please contact the Division of Retirement and Benefits to find out if this participation will benefit you.