Supplemental Survivor Benefits

Supplemental Survivor will no longer be offered
after Dec 31, 2016.

Supplemental Survivor Benefits are part of the Optional Benefits Life Plans. If you choose to add Survivor Benefits to your Optional Benefits Life Package, you may only elect a maximum of $10,000 of Supplemental Life Benefits. There is no minimum Supplemental Life Benefit election.

You may add the following to complete the Optional Benefits Life plan:

If you die from any cause while covered under this plan, the Survivor Benefits will pay benefits to your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Survivor Benefits have no exclusions or pre-existing conditions limitation. Benefits are paid regardless of the cause of death.

Supplemental Survivor Details


  • Group term life insurance type benefit
  • Covers employee only
  • Pays in monthly payments over a period of time you select


As of January 1, 2003, the following employees are eligible to participate in Optional Benefits:

  • State employees not participating in AlaskaCare, except members of the Labor, Trades and Crafts Unit and the Correspondence Teachers Unit.
  • Employees of a participating political subdivision covered under the terms of the political subdivision’s participation agreement.
  • Leased employees and emergency employees hired for natural disasters are not eligible.

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Amount of Coverage

If you die while covered, your designated beneficiary will receive the benefit amount paid in monthly payments over a specified period of years. You select the payout period. The monthly amount payable to your beneficiary will be based on your elected period according to the table below.

Payout Options

Survivor Benefit Payout Options
Payout Period (years)
Benefits (dollars)
5 $765
10 $455
15 $360
20 $315
25 $290
30 $275

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