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National Retirement Security Week 2017

Posted Oct. 11, 2017

Where are you in your story?

National Retirement Security Week (NRSW), a national event endorsed by Congress, takes place from October 15 to 21. This is the time for all employees to take full advantage of their employer retirement plan. During this week, the Division of Retirement and Benefits hosts activities so you can receive information about our plans and check on your progress toward retirement and your financial well-being.

The theme of this week’s informational campaign, introduced by the Division, is Your Whole Story. Employees are encouraged to identify, which phase of their life journey they are presently in by posing the related questions:

  • Where are you in your life story?
  • Where does planning for retirement stand, on your life journey map?
  • What small action steps can you take today to help you reach your future retirement goals?

The NRSW is an excellent time to take a small action step on a great retirement planning journey. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first single step. Saving for your future is a lifetime endeavor. During this week, you can take your first action step in one of several ways:

In Juneau

  • Schedule a One-on-One Retirement Readiness Counseling Session
  • Attend a NRSW seminar
  • Counselors will be available to answer your retirement questions during lunches and breaks on the 8th floor of the State Office Building


Anytime, you can: