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Defined Benefit Plan

The purpose of the Alaska Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) is to attract qualified public employees by offering a variety of benefits to members and their survivors. These benefits, when combined with other income, are designed to provide members with the basis for financial security during their retirement years.

Employees who first entered the PERS prior to July 1, 2006 are members of the PERS Defined Benefit (DB) Plan.

Both you and your employer make contributions to the retirement system during your employment to cover the cost of your retirement benefit.

This site is designed to provide all necessary related information regarding your PERS benefits, which include pension, medical, disability, and death benefits.

The PERS statutes and regulations will prevail whenever there is a difference of interpretation between the information contained on this site and the statutes or regulations.

The PERS Defined Benefit plan applies only to Tiers I, II, and III. PERS Tier IV employees participate in the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.

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