Purchasing PERS Service Credit

You may purchase certain types of service credit in order to increase the number of service years used in the calculation of your retirement benefit. The cost differs depending on the type of service you are eligible to claim.

The following types of service credit can be purchased in the PERS:

  • Full-time temporary service credit
  • Military service credit
  • Alaska Bureau of Indian Affairs credit
  • Unlicensed Vessel Participant Annuity Retirement Plan
  • Village Public Safety Officer service
  • Rural Public Safety Officer service
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Temporary Legislative service prior to July 1, 1979

Forms & Brochures

Military Service Credit
Military Service Credit Brochure
Application for Military Service Credit for Pension Benefit Calculation [PDF 72K]
HB 116
Application for Peace Officer/Firefighter Military Service Credit for Medical Benefit Eligibility [PDF 186K]
Temporary Service Credit
Temporary Service Credit Brochure [PDF 193K]
Temporary Service Verification/Claim Form [PDF 38K]