What happens if a teacher lets their teaching certificate lapse?

If your teaching certificate becomes invalid, you will be terminated from TRS until you are again certified by the Department of Education and Early Development. Employment rendered while you are not certified is not creditable in the TRS.

If you are currently retired from TRS, current certification is not a requirement since you are not actively contributing to TRS.

The Division matches records with the Department of Education and Early Development to verify that all members of the Teachers’ Retirement System have current State of Alaska teaching certificates on file.

Because Leave Without Pay (LWOP) time may be purchased, a teaching certificate must also be maintained while on LWOP.

To remain active in the TRS, teachers must possess a valid teaching certificate. If their certificate lapses while on LWOP, they could be terminated from the TRS.

If a teacher is placed in the classroom as a substitute while they obtain their certificate, the “sub” time is ineligible for reporting to TRS.

(rev. 8/8/07)