Unused Sick Leave

When you retire, you may receive additional TRS credit by claiming your unused sick leave. To be eligible:

  • you must have been an active TRS member after June 30, 1977; and
  • your claim for unused sick leave, as verified by your last employer, must be received by the TRS no later than one year after you are appointed to retirement.

Retired members who return to work under the TRS may claim unused sick leave earned while they are reemployed in the TRS. Unused sick leave earned while a member is participating in the University of Alaska’s optional retirement program is not creditable in the TRS.

Contributions are not required for unused sick leave credit. Unused sick leave is credited on a day-for-day basis according to the current Membership Service Chart (only full days are creditable). For example, 172 days of unused sick leave equals 1.0 years of credit.

Unused sick leave credit will be added to your TRS service and your retirement benefit will be increased after you are on retirement for a period equal to the number of sick leave days claimed. The benefit increase will be effective on the first of the month following that date.

For instance, if you are claiming 94 days of sick leave, you will receive an additional .5 year credit on the first of the month after your 94th day of retirement. If you retired on July 1, your benefit would increase on November 1 (October 2 is the 94th day), and the benefit paid to you at the end of November would be larger.