TRS Information Handbook

Complete TRS Information Handbook

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents [PDF 866K]

Introduction & General Information

Download Intro & General Information [PDF 616K]
Introduction to the TRS Defined Benefit Plan
Administration of the TRS
Funding of the TRS DB Plan

Services for TRS Members

Download services section [PDF 567K]
Retirement and Benefits
Member Services Online
Counseling Services
Communicating with the TRS
Confidentiality of Records


Download Membership section [PDF 1.1M]
Who is a Member of the TRS DB Plan?
Membership Tiers
Simultaneous TRS and PERS Credit
1% Supplemental Contributions Provision
Time Limit for Refund or Benefit
Tax Considerations
Annual Statement
Beneficiary Designation

Service Credit

Download Service Credit section [PDF 1.1M]
Membership Service Credit
Reinstatement of Refunded Service
Sabbatical Leave Credit
Claimed Service
Leave Without Pay
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA ) Service Credit
Outside Service Credit
Call to Active Duty Military Service
Claim for Prior Military Service
Claiming Simultaneous PERS and TRS Service
Indebtedness Payments

Disability Benefits

Download Disability Benefits section [PDF 618K]
Converting to a Normal Retirement Benefit

Death Benefits

Download Death Benefits section [PDF 536K]
Nonoccupational Death Before Retirement
Occupational Death Before Retirement
1% Supplemental Contributions Provision
Death Benefit Payments
Death Benefits for Retired / Deferred Vested Members

Pension Benefits

Download Pension Benefits section [PDF 1.5M]
Minimum Requirements for Age-Based Retirement
Minimum Requirements for Service-Based Retirement
Pension Benefit Calculation
Retirement Benefit Options
Joint and Survivor Options
Rights of Spouses and Dependents
Refund Rights
Establishing Benefit Entitlement
How to Apply for Benefits
Pension Benefit Payments
Minimum Benefit
Conditional Service Benefit
Public Service Benefit
Duplicate Benefits
TRS and Your Social Security Pension Benefits
After-Retirement Benefit Increases
Unused Sick Leave

Retiree Health Benefits

Download Retiree Health Benefits section [PDF 554K]
Medical Coverage at Retirement
Optional Health and Life Plans
Medicare and Your TRS Medical Coverage

Working After Retirement

Download Working After Retirement section [PDF 623K]
Standard Option
Waiver Option
Retirement Incentive Programs

Divorce, Taxes, and Other Legal Issues

Download Divorce, Taxes, and Other Legal Issues section [PDF 580K]
Local, State, and Federal Taxes
Other Legal Issues


Download Appendix [PDF 550K]
Early Retirement Factors
Joint and Survivor Options
Joint and Survivor Option Examples
Indebtedness Factors
Publication Resources


Download Glossary [PDF 51.5M]


Download Index [PDF 1.0M]

Posted 2011 TRS Handbook Web Edition 1/17/2012