Net Pay Estimator

Click here for the Retiree Net Pay Estimator?

The net pay estimator is a useful tool to estimate your net pay under different salaries, federal withholding tax exemptions, and deferred compensation contributions. The Division of Finance maintains the estimator and updates it the first of each year to reflect current federal withholding tax tables.

There are two versions of the net pay estimator (linked below). Use the semi-monthly one if you are paid twice per month (24 times per year). Use the bi-weekly one if you are paid every other week (26 times per year). Correctional Officers and certain Alaska Marine Highway employees are paid bi-weekly. Requires the use of Microsoft Excel.

Each version of the estimator consists of two sheets in an Excel workbook—one with instructions and one with the actual estimator. Follow the instructions precisely. Before using the estimator, enter data from your most recent pay stub to ensure the most accurate net pay amount. Use the same federal withholding data that is on your most recent W-4 submitted to payroll.

If you use the estimator to calculate the effect of different deferred compensation contributions and need additional assistance, contact the Deferred Compensation Plan by email or at (907) 465-4460. The Division of Retirement and Benefits cannot offer assistance in use of the estimator for anything other than changes in deferred compensation contributions.