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Financial Exploitation Takes Many Forms

AS 44.21.415 defines "fraud" as including any: "exploitation of another person or another person's resources for personal profit or advantage with no significant benefit accruing to the person who is exploited."

1. Mistreatment by family and caretakers

  • Misuse of durable powers of attorney and bank accounts
  • Misuse or neglect of authority by a guardian or conservator
  • Failure to provide fair value for the transfer of real estate and personal property
  • Using fraud or undue influence to gain control of or obtain money or property
  • Theft of valuables.

2. Consumer Fraud

  • Failure to provide, or excessive charges for, goods or services for which one is paid.
    • Telemarketing fraud.
    • Sales scams
      • travel scams
      • charity scams
      • work-at-home
    • Sweepstakes fraud.
    • Internet fraud.
      • “phishing”
      • Nigerian letters
    • Predatory lending.
    • Health-care
      • Drug plans
      • Failure to provide, or excessive charges for, healthcare services 
      • Medicaid
    • Estate planning
      • Living trust scams
      • Funeral and burial fraud
    • Real estate
      • buying land
      • contractor fraud
      • home repair fraud
      • home-equity fraud
    • Credit card and bank fraud
      • Credit card fraud
      • Fake cashier’s checks
      • Credit card loss-protection schemes

3. Insurance and Investment Fraud

  • Unlicensed agents/brokers.
  • Investment seminars, pitching phony investment opportunities.
  • Ill advised annuities.
  • Illegal securities.
  • Scam Promissory notes.
  • Viatical (life insurance) investment scams.

4. Identity theft.