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Based on accessibility information created for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


The Alaska Department of Administration is committed to producing and maintaining accessible Web content for all users.

To better understand specific accessibility solutions that we employ for our Web content or to see hints on how to better navigate and use our Web site please visit the links in the left sidebar or the following links:

Please note that at this time our Web applications and pages have no requirements for speech controls. If such controls are implemented in the future we will add speech disabilties to our list of impairments for which solutions can and will be presented.

Without meaning to get too technical, we are always working to satisfy Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A while endeavoring to meet Level AA whenever feasible (see the WCAG 2.0 Checklist). In addition, it is our policy to comply with federal Section 508 Web accessibility requirements.

Do we always succeed in our efforts to make our Web content accessible? Not always. If you spot things that we could be doing better or just want to share concerns with us, please contact us using the email link below. We really would appreciate hearing from you.

Questions? Concerns? Want to Report Problems?

Please contact our Webmaster if you have questions, concerns, or wish to report Web content accessibility issues.

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