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The State Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator's Office (SADACO) was established in April 1992 by Governor Walter Hickel through Administrative Order 129. This order mandates SADACO to ensure that all executive branch agencies comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Responsibility for compliance is shared by each state agency with additional, specific responsibilities assigned to Department ADA Coordinators. SADACO's enforcement efforts promote awareness and accountability for state programs and services, reducing the number of complaints and adverse legal actions.

Directives required by Administrative Order 129 and dates of initial actions include:

  • Self-Evaluation of employment activities (Title I), (1993-1994).
  • Self-Evaluation of programs, services, and activities available to the public (Title II) annually since 1993.
  • Regular notice to State employees and the public regarding ADA contacts.
  • Development and distribution of standardized grievance procedures (1993).
  • ADA awareness training throughout the state.
  • Creation of Title I and Title II handbooks for State employees (1995).

SADACO broadened its technical assistance and launched its website in 1998.
New compliance tools offered:

  • Three dimensional drawings about accessible design (1998).
  • An online database about the architectural barriers in state facilities (2000).
  • An online database about the usability of state parks (2002).
  • Online summaries of Supreme Court decisions affecting ADA Compliance (2002).
  • Online information about Reasonable Accommodation (1998).
  • Online checklist for conducting access audit of buildings and facilities (2003).
  • Portals for federal and state laws and regulations regarding access for all components of American society (2006).

SADACO continues to work with

  • The State Fire Marshal’s Office to enforce state building codes and review of accessibility.
  • The State Division of Elections to ensure accessibility in the voting process.
  • The Internet Services Functional Work Group (FWG) that maintains web pages in adopting and implementing state policy on accessible web pages.
  • The State ADA Task Force to set policies on disability issues, and report on accessibility of State programs and services.
  • State building managers to ensure appropriate emergency evacuation.
  • State employees to provide regular training on ADA reasonable accommodation and accessibility reviews.

ADA webpages have been redesigned to address commonly asked questions, and to assist with, regulatory review and ADA compliance.

State ADA Coordinator
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