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Objective & Operations

Risk Management administers the self-insurance program for each State agency, covering all sudden and accidental property and casualty claims. Annual assessments allocated by Risk Management are the maximum each agency is called upon to pay, forestalling the need for supplemental appropriation or disruption of vital state services after a major property loss, adverse civil jury award, or significant workers, compensation claim.

With a present staff of five, Risk Management operates from the State Office building in Juneau, serving a statewide constituency that includes all departments of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government; all state boards and commissions; their respective employees and members. The state risk management program affects many Alaskans, from the injured state employee, to those who contract with state agencies (construction, purchase, professional service and lease agreements), and all Alaskans that claim the state is legally liable for their individual property damage or personal injury.

By effectively managing the state's property and liability exposures through a comprehensive self insurance program Risk Management expends less public funds than would be paid to private insurance companies , providing streamlined claims services utilizing professional adjusting firms located throughout Alaska and when necessary, in house defense counsel assigned from the special litigation (torts) section of the Department of Law.