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Electronic Filing of APOC Documents

APOC has transitioned to an electronic filing system.  The new system’s design makes it easier for filers in many aspects including, 24/7 access to the system, data upload capabilities, and improved amendment functions. It will also aid APOC in its mission to provide information to the public in a more timely and streamlined manner.

Who Files

Candidates, unless they meet specific criteria found in AS 15.13.040(m)(1), are required to file all forms and reports using the new system. This includes Letters of Intent, Candidate Registrations, Municipal/Judicial Exemption Statements, Candidate Campaign Disclosure Forms, and Candidate Reimbursement Notifications.

All group filers who participate in any election are required to file all forms and reports using the new system.  This includes Group Registrations, Group Campaign Disclosure Reports, Forms 15-5 – Statement of Contributions, and Forms 15 – 6 Statement of Independent Expenditures.

Financial disclosure reports for Public Officials and Legislative filers are also required to be filed electronically, including state public officials (executive, judicial and legislative branches of state government), members of state boards or commissions, legislators, state candidates, and municipal officials and candidates in municipalities with populations over 15,000 (print paper copy of completed myAlaska POFD Statement and file directly with municipal clerk).  For those officials and candidates in municipalities under 15,000 APOC strongly urges you to file electronically as well.

Lobbyist and employers of lobbyists reports will continue to be filed electronically.

How to File

To file electronically you will need a myAlaska account.  Many, if not the vast majority, of Alaskans have a myAlaska account so that they can file for their Permanent Fund Dividend.  The link is at  It is not necessary to create a new account for APOC purposes.  While filers may allow access to others who may assist in preparing forms or reports, doing so does not allow access to anything other than the APOC services of myAlaska.

With the new system, filers have the ability to start a report and then come back to it later, just remember to save your work often.  Only you or your designees will be able to see an incomplete report.  Once a report is certified by the filer, it is immediately available for the public to view.

If you encounter any problems during filing, save your form, and contact APOC Staff.   During our transition, user feedback is very much encouraged. APOC recognizes that ultimately the filer and the public are our best sources for identifying glitches and providing ideas for improvement.  We have already received a great deal of feedback and have implemented many of your suggestions.

If you are interested in upcoming training sessions for the new system, please see the information on our training page for specific dates, locations, and times.