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Filer Resources

ALL filings submitted to the Alaska Public Offices Commission are public records and available to the public as submitted. Do NOT include any of the following personal information: social security numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, copies of checks, financial records with account numbers or access codes, or any document with personal identification numbers.

Campaign Disclosure

The Campaign Disclosure Law (AS 15.13) requires state and municipal candidates, and political groups, to file periodic, detailed reports disclosing all campaign contribution and expenditure activities.  The campaign disclosure law directly limits the influence of contributors on candidates by limiting the size of campaign contributions.

Financial Disclosure

The Legislative Financial Disclosure Law (AS 24.60.200 - 260) requires legislators, legislative directors and the members of the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics to file personal financial disclosure statements and the Public Official Financial Disclosure Law (AS 39.50) requires all state and many municipal candidates and elected officials and many appointed state and local officials to file personal financial disclosure statements,  listing business relationships, sources of income (and for legislators the amount of income), and indebtedness.


The Regulation of Lobbying Law (AS 24.45) requires lobbyists to register with APOC, and to file monthly reports of income from lobbying and lobbying expenditures during the legislative session; after the legislature adjourns, lobbyists file quarterly reports.  Special sessions may require additional monthly reports.  Employers of lobbyists are required to file quarterly reports of lobbying expenditures.