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How to File Your Public Official or Legislative Financial Disclosure Statement

State candidates, state public officials and members of state Boards or Commissions will now file financial disclosures to APOC electronically via the internet. All required filers in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of state government, any member of a state board or commission and all state candidates will now file their Public Official or Legislative Financial Disclosure statements electronically. 

To use the new electronic filing system, you must have a MyAlaska user name and password. If you have ever filed your application for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) electronically, then you have already completed step one! If not, you may set up a new MyAlaska user name and password easily from the APOC online forms page.

To file your disclosure electronically, go to this online form

Instructions on how to complete your disclosure may be accessed online from this page. To start the form, go to the bottom of the page and click START. You may save your work at any time and then access the partially completed filing at a later time. Since this is a new process, APOC staff anticipates questions and are prepared to respond. If you get stuck or have a question on how to electronically file your disclosure, contact either the Anchorage (907-276-4176) or Juneau (907-465-4864) office.   

Municipal filers have a statutory requirement for municipal disclosures to be filed directly with the municipal clerk or other designated municipal official.