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Alaska Department of Administration, Alaska Public Offices Commission


Additional reports of APOC activities, findings, and recommendations, including Lobbying summaries.

Biennial Reports

Under Sec. 24.45.031(a)(4), the commission shall prepare and publish a biennial report of its activities, findings, and recommendations under this chapter, which shall be made available to the governor, legislature, and to the public by February 1 of each odd-numbered calendar year; the commission shall notify the legislature that the report is available.

Lobbyist and Employer of Lobbyist Reports and Directories

Sec. 24.45.031(b)(3) states the commission may prepare, publish, and make available to the public, periodic, but at least biannually, summaries of the statements and reports received; these summaries shall list separately individual lobbyists and employers of lobbyists.

Employers of Lobbyist Year-End Summaries (2004-present)

Lobbyists Year-End Summaries (2004-present)

Lobbying Summary By Subject (2004-2007)

Lobbyist Directories (2004-present)

Employer Directories (2004-present)

Legislative Financial Disclosure

The Legislative Financial Disclosure Law (AS 24.60.200) states that a legislator, a public member of the committee, and a legislative director shall file a disclosure statement, under oath and on penalty of perjury, with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.   Under Sec. 24.60.230, a statement filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission under AS 24.60.200 is a public record.

In addition to the reports listed here. You can search online for other APOC documents and reports.