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APOC Reminders For
Treasurers And Deputy Treasurers

  • Corporations and unions are prohibited from contributing to candidates
  • Only Candidates, registered Treasurers or Deputy Treasurers may accept or expend campaign funds
  • The maximum an individual may contribute to a candidate in a calendar year is $500
  • The maximum cash contribution from an individual is $100 in a calendar year
  • A Political Action Committee (PAC) may contribute $1000 to a candidate within a calendar year
  • Report the date, amount, check number, name and address of all contributors and when a contributor exceeds $50 include the contributor's occupation and employer information
  • An expenditure is reportable when the campaign obligates itself to the vendor or supplier (Remember to report vendor addresses)
  • Nonmonetary contributions count towards an individual's $500 calendar year contribution limit (report them on both the contributor and expenditure schedules as nonmonetary contributions)
  • The person who signs the check is considered the contributor; both account holders must sign the check if the contribution is to be split between them
  • If a candidate intends to be reimbursed at the end of the campaign for personal contributions to their campaign, they must file a Candidate Reimbursement Form with APOC within 5 days of putting their money in (If the campaign reimburses the candidate within 72 hours, report the reimbursement as a paid expenditure to the candidate and describe the items purchased). An expense not repaid within 72 hours, becomes a nonmonetary contribution from the candidate and is reported as such
  • If a registered Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer spends personal money on behalf of the campaign, they must be reimbursed within that reporting period. Treasurers and Deputy Treasurers must never spend more than $500 of their own money on behalf of the campaign or it becomes a contribution to the campaign

Please Note: Civil penalties will be assessed for all late reports;
even if there is no activity to report.


This list is incomplete; review the manual, laws and regulations and call us if you have any questions.  Thank You!