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Alaska Public Offices Commission

Every Individual, Person (including, but not limited to corporations, labor organizations, partnerships, firms, associations and organizations including tax exempt organizations) or group making contributions of $500 or more (in aggregate) to a ballot proposition group must report that contribution, and all subsequent contributions, on a Statement of Contribution form 15-5.


  • There will be a system outage on Sunday October 11th from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, affecting all APOC applications. All systems should be fully functional by the morning of Monday October 12th. It is recommended that you double check the accuracy of any reports filed around this time.


To encourage the public's confidence in their elected and appointed officials by administering Alaska's disclosure statutes and publishing financial information regarding the activities of election campaigns, public officials, lobbyists and lobbyist employers.


Encouraging Public Confidence

A comprehensive list of information provided by the Alaska Public Offices Commission, can be found on our Search Reports page.

Advisory Opinions
Searchable list of requests for advice from the commission regarding the propriety of specific activities.
Campaign Disclosure
Searchable reports of campaign activities, including Candidate Lists.
Lobbying Disclosure
Search reports from Lobbyists and Employers of Lobbyists.
Searchable list of formal allegations filed with the commission.
Published reports
Additional reports of APOC activities, findings, and recommendations, including Lobbying summaries.