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Lobbying Ethics Training

Welcome to the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) ethics and compliance training page for lobbyists and employers of lobbyists. On this page, you can learn about training requirements and current courses.

AS 24.45.031(a)(6) requires APOC to administer an annually updated ethics and compliance training course to both lobbyists and employers of lobbyists.

The training covers the requirements of the lobbying law (AS 24.45), answers commonly asked questions and provides information that promotes adherence to high ethical standards.

Please note Lobbyists and Employers of Lobbyists must complete training each year to be in compliance.

Training Requirements


All registered lobbyists must complete ethics training prior to registering AS 24.45.041(b)(8). The lobbyist registration form requires a lobbyist to certify he or she has completed the Commission’s ethics training course within the past 12 months.

(Note: Representational lobbyists are exempt from the training requirement.)

Employers of Lobbyists

Employers, who do not have the same registration process as lobbyists, must complete the ethics training prior to submitting their first employer of lobbyist report, due April 30. Employers should ensure at least one person in their agency completes the Commission’s ethics training, although broader participation is encouraged. At a minimum, the person responsible for preparing and signing employer of lobbyist reports must complete the training course.

Other Public Officials

Ethics training for those covered by the Legislative Ethics Act (AS 24.60) is provided by the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics. Ethics training for executive branch officials is administered by the Alaska Department of Law.

Sign-Up for Training for Calendar Year 2020

Sign-up for Lobbying Ethics Training

To attend training for the 2020 calendar year:

  1. Check the schedule
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If you cannot attend in person, please see the self-paced online training option.

Self-Paced Training - Lobbyist & Employers

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2020 Online Lobbying Ethics Training

Combined (C) Course

In 2015, the Insight system moved to a new version, and the training will be combined for all lobbyists and employers of lobbyists