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Exterior Finish Repairs and Abatement for Historic Governor�s House

Final multi-year project to preserve 103 year old landmark in Juneau

May 7, 2015, Juneau, AK - As part of ongoing work to preserve a historical Alaska landmark, the Governor’s House, located in Juneau, Alaska, the Department of Administration is moving forward on the final phase of a painting project meant to ensure the integrity of the residence built in 1912. 

Included in the scope of the final phase is the proper abatement of any remaining lead paint.  A sole source award was determined essential to complete the work prior to additional exposure issues arising, the short construction season available for exterior work, and the need for specialized equipment to mitigate the challenge of humidity given the rainy nature of Southeast Alaska. Alaska Commercial Contractors, Inc. (ACC) have been awarded a sole source contract and begin work immediately to repair painted surfaces that were found blistered, cracked, and exposed to the elements.  Work on this project is slated to begin as earlier as May 11, 2015.

The Governor’s House has been under different phases of various renovation projects for many years. The most recent renovation effort in 2011 involved removal and replacement of the many layers of paint and stucco.  Due to the age of the structure, specialized training and treatment of the paint removal was necessary due to lead-based requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure safe removal of the prior exterior coating.  Additional renovations since 2011 have included replacing roof, gutters, and interior finish details that have totaled about $2 million.  The previous work on the house also required testing to determine the best combination of material application needed for long-term protection of the original wood and plaster that covers the exterior of the house.  These tests provided the Department of Administration’s professional design consultants with evidence and data required for ACC to complete the last step in this multi-year, exterior preservation work on the historic structure.

The total estimated cost of this final exterior project is $366,170.00 and is anticipated to be complete by October 1, 2015.

For any questions please contact the Department of Administration at 907-465-2200.