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Department of Administration Press Release


Study Looks at State Health Care in Alaska

Researchers examine merits of a Health Care Authority

August 30, 2017, Juneau – The Department of Administration released the findings of a study on the feasibility of creating a Health Care Authority (HCA) in Alaska. Last session’s Senate Bill 74 directed the department to procure a study to evaluate the feasibility of creating an HCA to consolidate purchasing power and coordinate plan administration for entities whose health benefits were funded directly or indirectly by the state. The department engaged several contractors to complete the study focusing on opportunities to reduce costs, improve quality, and maintain benefits and access to state sponsored health care.

“Healthcare costs in Alaska are the highest in the country, and it has become unsustainable. This series of reports provides a framework outlining how a Health Care Authority could play an important role in the broader conversation as we work together to address the systemic health care challenges facing Alaskans,” said Commissioner Sheldon Fisher. “With the publication of these reports, we are initiating a public comment period and I encourage all those interested to participate.”

The study includes four reports focused on:

  • Pooling and purchasing opportunities for employees/retiree benefits
  • Coordinated plan administration
  • Purchasing opportunities and Alaska market issues
  • Medicaid alignment opportunities and HCA structures

The Department is accepting public comment on the reports September 1 - October 30, 2017. A series of webinars with each of the contractors is scheduled on September 7, 11, and 13.

The study reports, public comment and webinar information can be found at

Contact: Minta Montalbo, Public Information Officer
(907) 465-1176