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The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska.

Ade’ ndadz dengit’a?
Language: Deg Xinag
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The State of Alaska enters a Digital Alliance with Microsoft

February 10, 2020 (Juneau, AK) – Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka announced today the State of Alaska has entered into a Digital Alliance with the Microsoft Corporation. This alliance will form the basis of ongoing cooperation with Microsoft on several strategic initiatives of great importance to the State of Alaska.

“This new partnership advances Governor Dunleavy’s priority of developing jobs and the economy by helping to improve digital skills for Alaska’s students and promoting broadband access for our rural, native communities,” said Commissioner Tshibaka.

“It also will significantly advance our efforts to modernize the State’s IT practices and strengthen our cyber security.”

Among the initiatives are efforts to modernize State information technology and establish training and skills development programs. Microsoft will support significant State cloud migration priorities, which will enable increased data security, improved business agility, and greater cost savings for the State. Microsoft also will come alongside the State to promote greater broadband access in rural communities with Alaskan internet service providers.

This partnership will deliver meaningful results for Alaskans, as Microsoft will help advance the State’s utilization of leading-edge Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence resources and data-driven decision making, cultivating a more efficient and agile workforce that provides improved service to Alaskans.

Through this Alliance, Microsoft will also support expanded educational opportunities for young Alaskans by assisting with the roll out of Microsoft Teams, a collaboration and communication tool, for enhanced distance delivered e-learning. Teams is available at no cost to academic institutions. Microsoft will also coordinate with the State to provide STEM focused training to get students excited about science and technology and encourage them to consider STEM career paths. This may include the Microsoft DigiGirlz Camps. DigiGirlz High Tech Camps are one day, or multi-day career day program geared to dispel stereotypes of women in the high-tech industry. The camps give girls first-hand experience with cutting-edge technologies that may include robotics, coding, apps development, engineering kits, creating social media sites, etc.

This partnership represents an important step forward for the State of Alaska, as we seek to leverage every resource to the greatest potential benefit to Alaskans. We eagerly anticipate the good that will result from our collaboration and extend our sincere gratitude to Microsoft for their contribution to the future of Alaska.

Media contact: Kelly Hanke (907) 269-5287

Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka
Department of Administration
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