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Effective February 28, 2021, there are new requirements for person that have made, and/or may be making independent expenditures supporting or opposing candidates in Alaska elections. These new requirements affect both the maker of independent expenditures and their contributors.
  • Groups or entities making independent expenditures are required to identify the true source(s) of all contributions received from a single contributor in excess of $2,000 within 24 hours of receipt. [AS 15.13.110(k)]
  • Persons who contribute in excess of $2,000 to a group or entity making independent expenditures, are required to identify the true source(s) of the money contributed by informing the receiving group or entity of the true source(s) at the time the contribution is made and by filing a statement of contributions report within 24 hours. [AS 15.13.040(r)]
  • In general, “true source” means the person or legal entity whose contribution is funded from wages, investment income, inheritance, or revenue generated from selling goods or services. A person or legal entity who derived funds via contributions, donations, dues, or gifts is not the true source, but rather an intermediary for the true source. [AS 15.13.400(19)]
  • These reports will be filed through the APOC online filing system, accessed via myAlaska.

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To encourage the public's confidence in their elected and appointed officials by administering Alaska's disclosure statutes and publishing financial information regarding the activities of election campaigns, public officials, lobbyists and lobbyist employers.

Encouraging Public Confidence

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