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Driving Record

How do I get my driving record?

Driving records are available at your local DMV office, or can be requested by fax or mail with proper identification.

Please complete the Request for Driving Record (Form 419) form.

Can I get the driving records for another person?

Because driver license records are confidential, you may only obtain your own record unless you have a signed release to obtain a record for another person.

Please ask the other person to complete the Driving Records Release form.

Can I get my child's driving records?

Parents, you may obtain the driving records for your minor children without a release form. Please visit your local DMV office to make this request.

For children 18 or older, you must ask them to request their own records, or ask them to complete the Driving Records Release form.

How do I get the driving records of employees?

If you are a business requesting driver license records for potential employees, multiple requests can be made with proper signatures.

Please complete the Company Release for Multiple Driving Record form.