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License Plate Information

Alaska law requires motor vehicles to display two license plates. A month tab and a current year tab must be displayed on the back plate, only. Motorcycles and trailers have one license plate with month and year tabs. If you have a passenger vehicle, motorhome, truck or van with only one plate, see Duplicate Plates for procedures to obtain the correct plates.

DMV does not sell used license plates. To obtain a SAMPLE license plate for your collection or for a school project, please click on Sample / SOUVENIR Plates.

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Special Issue License Plates

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Alaska Statute Sec. 28.10.171. Display of registration plates.

(a) When two registration plates are issued for a vehicle, they shall be attached to the vehicle for which issued, one in front and the other in the rear. When one registration plate is issued, it shall be attached to the rear of the vehicle for which issued.

(b) Every registration plate issued under this chapter shall be securely fastened to the vehicle to which it is assigned, with the upper edge of the plate horizontal, at a height of not less than 12 inches from the ground measuring from the bottom of the plate, and maintained in a location and condition so as to be clearly legible. However, when considered necessary to insure legibility, the commissioner may provide by regulation for another method of installation.

Rev. 05/21/2012