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License Plates

You must display two license plates in all of your motor vehicles such as passenger vehicles, motorhomes, trucks or vans. A month tab and year tab must be displayed on the back plate. Motorcycles and trailers have one license plate with month and year tabs.

Please note: If one or more of your plates has been lost or damaged, please apply for duplicate plates or tabs.

Please note: We do not sell used license plates; however, you can buy a sample plate for your collection or for a school project.

How do I get a license plate?

When you register your vehicle for the first time in Alaska, you will also buy license plates for it. For more information, please see Registration.

For personalized plates, please fill out an submit one of the following forms with your registration:

You can order personalized license plates online for a vehicle registered to you.

Please Note: If you are obtaining a license plate for a vehicle owned by a non-profit organization you may qualify for a Charitable exemption.

How do I transfer a license plate to another vehicle?

Generally you can transfer license plates between two vehicles that are registered to you.  For a vehicle that has just been purchased, you may request a plate transfer when you apply for title and/or registration in your name.

For specific information, please visit Transferring Plates to Another Vehicle

License Plate Types

This lists all of the plate styles issued by us. Please be aware of the requirements for each style of plate.

Plates available without restriction

Standard or Persoanlized License Plates
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Standard Gold $30 $0 Order and Personalize Online
Grizzly Bear $30 $0 Order and Personalize Online
Personalized License Plates
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Mountain $30 $0 Order and Personalize Online
Caribou $30 $0 Order and Personalize Online

Support Your Favorite Cause

Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
The plates are individually made when requested; therefore, please allow time for processing.
Alaska Children's Trust $100 $0 Benefits Alaska Children's Trust
Blood Bank of Alaska $50 $50 Blood Bank of Alaska
Order and Personalize Online
Breast Cancer Awareness $50 $0 Benefits Cancer Screening
Order and Personalize Online
Choose Life $30 $30 Benefits Adoption
Order and Personalize Online
National Rifle Association $50 $50 Benefits Youth Shooting
Order and Personalize Online
Pro-Family, Pro-Choice $30 $0 Benefits Alaska Children's Trust
Order and Personalize Online
Support Our Troops $40 $40 Benefits Alaska Troops and Family
Order and Personalize Online
Veterans Commemorative $100 $35 Benefits Alaska Veteran Programs
Order and Personalize Online

For Those Who Experience Disability

For information on how to apply, please visit Disability Parking Permits & Plates

Type of Disability Plates
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Disabled w/ Parking Privileges $0 $0

Meet Disability Requirements

Disabled Veteran w/ Parking Privileges $0 $0

Meet Disability Requirements

Proof of service-related disability

Disabled Veteran w/o Parking Privileges $0 $0

Proof of service-related disability

Show Support for Alaska's Universities

Support Schools
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image

Residents from locations other than Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau and Valdez, may submit their applications at any DMV office. Their University plates will be mailed to them in approximately 30 days.

UAA $50 $0

Supports University of Alaska Anchorage

Order and Personalize Online

UAF $50 $0

Supports University of Alaska Fairbanks

Order and Personalize Online

UAS $50 $0

Supports University of Alaska Southeast

PWS $50 $0

Supports Prince William Sound Community College

Honoring Military & Veteran Service

For more details, visit Veteran's License Plates.

For Support Our Troops and Support Our Veterans plates, please visit Causes.

For Veteran's experiencing disabilities, please visit Disability Parking Permits & Plates.

Military unit symbols may also be added to plates, please visit Unit Designations.

Please apply using form 803 at your local DMV office.

Alaska National Guard Plate
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Alaska National Guard $30 $0

Proof of Current Alaska Guard Membership

Military Service Designator for Veterans
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Airforce $30 $0

Proof of Service

Army $30 $0

Proof of Service

Coast Guard $30 $0

Proof of Service

Marine $30 $0

Proof of Service

Navy $30 $0

Proof of Service

Special Plates for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Ex-Prisoner of War $0 $0

Verification from Veteran's Affairs as ex-POW

Gold Star Family $0 $0

For family of a US Armed Service member killed in the line of duty

Proof to connect family to the fallen soldier, ex. Report of Casualty (DD form 1300

Laos Vet $30 $0

For veterans of military operations in the Kingdom of Laos ( 1961-1975)

Proof of Service

Pearl Harbor Survivor $0 $0

Proof of Service

Purple Heart $0 $0

Proof of Purple Heart Medal award, ex. Discharge Papers (DD form 214)

For Fraternal Organization Members

Fraternal Orders
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) $50 $0 Proof of Membership
Freemason $50 $0 Proof of Membership
Knights of Columbus $50 $0 Proof of Membership
Lions Club $50 $0 Proof of Membership

Special Issue License Plates

Special Issue
Plate Name Price Renewal Notes Image
Amateur Radio
(Call Sign)
$0 $0

For Amateur Radio Operators with FCC License (more details)

See Standard Plates
Custom Collector $50 $0

Vehicle models built before 1949 and modified for street use (more details)

Farm Vehicle $68 $0

For vehicles used to tranport products or supplies for farm (more details)

Firefighter/EMS $30 $0

For active duty or former or volunteer Fire Fighter or EMS Provider

see also IAFF under Fraternal Organizations

Historic Vehicle $10 $0

For vehicles 30 or more years in age and driven for historical exhibitions (more details)

Iditarod Finisher $50 $0

Requires finisher number from the Iditarod Trail Committee

One set” of plates may have their finisher number(Ex. IDT999) and subsequent iditarod plates may be personalized.

Please apply at your local DMV office

In God We Trust $30 $30

Order and Personalize Online