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Duplicate Registration, License Plate(s) or Tab

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Alaska law requires that if a Certificate of Registration, license plate(s) or tab is lost, stolen, mutilated or becomes illegible, the registered owner shall apply for a duplicate.

Alaska law requires one license plate on motorcycles and trailers.  All other vehicles require two license plates.  Only one tab is issued regardless of whether one plate or two are issued.  Affix the tab to the rear license plate.

Application can be made by the registered owner or an authorized agent at a DMV Field Office,  Commission Agent Office or by mail (see address below), with the following exception. EXCEPTION:  License plates cannot be requested by mail unless the vehicle owner is outside of Alaska or when a DMV office is not available in your area. 


  • Vehicle Transaction Application (State the reason for the request under "Comments")
  • Copy of previous registration, if available (for tab/plate requests)
  • Fees (see below)

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Registration only

Year Tab ~ price includes a new registration

License Plate(s) ~ price includes tabs and registration

Personalized or Specialty plate(s) ~ Same as to issue original plates

*Please make check or money order payable to State of Alaska.  Checks must be pre-printed with your name and address. Your telephone number is required (pre-printed or hand written).

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To apply for  a duplicate set of PERSONALIZED PLATES, an individual must apply at a DMV office and obtain standard plates to use while the personalized plates are ordered from the manufacturer as they take approximately 12 weeks from the date of the order.

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