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Disability Plates

Parking Privileges - Disability | Disabled Vet | Permit
NO Parking Privileges - Disabled Vet | Veteran's Plates

A person who qualifies for disability or disabled veteran plates may register one vehicle with special plates and is not subject to Motor Vehicle Registration Taxes or registration fees.  An applicant is only eligible for one senior, disability or disabled veteran exemption on one vehicle.

Second and subsequent sets of plates are available upon payment of full fees.

Plates cannot be requested by mail unless the applicant lives in a remote part of Alaska and does not have access to a DMV office.

Disability Plates ~ Parking Privileges

Disabled License Plates - Parking Privileges

Disabled Plates
Parking Privileges

Special license plates are available to persons who have a specifically defined disability that limits or impairs their ability to walk.  These plates allow that special consideration be given for parking in designated parking spaces. This  consideration applies to motor vehicles titled in the name of the person with the mobility impairment.

An original Application for Disabled Parking Identification is required before the plates can be issued.

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Disabled Veteran's Plates ~ Parking Privileges

Disabled Vet License Plate To apply for disabled veteran's license plates with parking privileges, an applicant must submit the following documentation of a mobility impairment and proof of service related disability:
  • An original Application for Disabled Parking Identification, completed in full by both the applicant and their Alaska licensed physician. 
  • A certificate from an agency of the United States federal government, including the veteran's administration, stating the person has a service related disability.

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Disabled Veteran's Plates ~ Without Parking Privleges

A disabled veteran who has a service related disability but does not meet the specifically defined criteria may obtain disabled veteran plates with a certification from the U.S. government that they have a 50% or greater service related disability. 

Disabled Vet plates without parking privileges do not have the wheelchair logo.

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Parking Placard/Permit

  • Both permanent and temporary parking permits are available at no charge for individuals who experience a disability as outlined on the application, based on the physicians medical certification.  These permits are available in lieu of or in addition to having the license plates. 
  • The applicant may obtain the required application from any DMV office or print the form from our Forms site.  An original application is required.   Disabled Parking Application
  • To obtain a duplicate placard, the person requesting the duplicate must go to DMV in person and show identification OR a new form, signed by a qualified medical professional, is required.
  • A new form, signed by a qualifed medical professional, is required to extend the length of a temporary placard.

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REV. 9/23/10