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Historic & Collector Vehicle Plates

Historic Vehicle

 A historic vehicle is 30 or more years old and is primarily driven for the purpose of historical exhibition. You may obtain a special plate indicating this status.

Because historic vehicles are used only occasionally on the State highway system, annual registration renewal of a historic vehicle registration is not necessary. The initial registration fee for historic vehicles is $10.00.

Custom Collector Vehicle

 A custom collector vehicle has a body and frame manufactured before 1949, or is a replica of such a model. The initial plate fee for custom collector plates is $50.00, along with all applicable fees for the class and body style of vehicle.

These vehicles must be modified for safe road use, so a custom collector vehicle must have the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic service brakes on all wheels.
  • Sealed beam or halogen headlights.
  • Safety belts for all occupants.
  • Turn signals and turn signaling switch.
  • Safety glass or lexan.
  • Electric or vacuum windshield wiper located in front of the driver.
  • Standard or blue dot taillights.
  • Parking brake that operates at least two wheels on the same axle.

How to apply

Please apply for these plates at your local DMV office

As not all offices stock these types of plates, it is possible that you will be issued a temporary permit. The plates would be mailed to you later.