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If we have questions we will email you or call you, so please make sure you have your correct contact information. 

We process requests within 8 to 12 weeks.

Refund Information:

  • Registration is considered used the first day the registration period starts.   We can’t refund partial months and must have the tabs/plates and registration attached to the request to process. 
  • DMV can refund for current year only, no prior registration.
  • If vehicle is totaled/junked prior to the registration period and then proof must be attached to the request.
  • If vehicle sold, prior to the start of the registration period, the pending vehicle status must be updated with the DMV and proof of the sale must be attached to the request.
  • No refunds for online services which includes- driving tests, duplicate or renewal DL/ID and driving records.
  • Fees for personalized plate requests are non-refundable unless the plate selection is rejected by DMV and the letter must be attached.


Form 853 Refund Request must be filled out and send in for processing.

DMV Refund Request

Please email to