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Charge Cards

Program Administrator Support Contacts

U.S. Bank - Contacts

Customer Service

1-800-344-5696 — United States
1-701-461-2010 — Outside the United States – call collect

  • Statements, transactions, and balances inquiries
  • Lost or stolen cards
  • PINs

Fraud Assistance

1-800-523-9078 (Use to report phishing emails)


AccessOnline Help Desk

1-877-887-9260, Commercial Client

  • General navigation

Program Administrator Support

AccessOnline Support

877-452-8083, Option #2

Account Coordinator (AC)

855-250-6421, Extensions are listed below


Ashley Vetvick — Ext. 156-6273 (hours 4am-12:30pm AKST)

Back-Up Account Coordinator(s)

Marcus Dodson — Ext. 156-6258 (hours 4am-12:30pm AKST)
Eric Anderson — Ext.156-6257 (hours: 4am-12:30pm AKST)
Sonya Doerfler — Ext.156-6253 (hours: 6:30am-3:00pm AKST)
Jennifer Stranki — Ext.156-6244 (hours: 5:30am-2:30pm AKST)


AccessOnline Web Training

  • If you have a sign on into US Bank, you can find the password under “training” on your homepage. Use the commercial passwords.
  • Or, you can contact your Program Administrator or Technical Support at 877-452-8083 and identify yourself as a State of Alaska Program Administrator or Cardholder to request the password.

Revised 01/12/2018