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ALaska Data Enterprise Reporting


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The Alaska Data Enterprise Reporting (ALDER) Data Warehouse is a statewide reporting system designed to integrate data from multiple systems into a unified environment with a single toolset for simpler and more effective reporting.

ALDER provides an integrated reporting platform for the following data sources:

  • IRIS Financial and Procurement (FIN/PROC)
  • IRIS Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • AKSAS (Alaska Statewide Accounting System)
  • AKPAY (Alaska Payroll System)
  • Workplace Alaska (Historical)

To gain access to this tool, please work with your supervisor and agency advocate for security access. The links provided below offer help with contacts, the required form for access, and training opportunities.





The Divisions of Finance and Personnel & Labor Relations offer training in the use of ALDER for Report Viewers (ALDER 100), Interactive Users (ALDER 101), and Report Developers (ALDER 201). Further information on courses offered and course materials can be found on the Training Overview page.


The Division of Finance offered a series of ALDER workshops in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 to demonstrate reports based on IRIS data. Recordings of these workshops are available by clicking the links below.

The recordings are available as MPEG-4 (MP4) video files and are very large files, runtime (HH:MM:SS) and file size is notated next to each recording for your reference.

Your browser should automatically select the best player application for this file type, recommended players include the Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

  • ALDER Universe Overview for Budget Staff
    • Part I - Runtime 01:57:50 [MP4 158.0 MB]
    • Part II - Runtime 01:57:55 [MP4 168.0 MB]
  • ALDER Universe Overview for Financial Staff
    • Part I - Runtime 02:04:47 [MP4 148.0 MB]
    • Part II - Runtime 01:36:55 [MP4 141.0 MB]
  • Workshop I - Federal Funding Accountability & Transparency (FFATA) Reports / Federal Draw Reports and Reimbursable Service Agreements (RSA) reports
    • Part I - Runtime 00:53:33 [MP4 14.8 MB]
    • Part II - Runtime 01:09:05 [MP4 20.4 MB]
    • Part III - Runtime 00:46:27 [MP4 13.3 MB]
  • Workshop II - Payroll Reports & Audit Trail Reports
  • Workshop III - Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Reports, Budget/ Actual Reports and Capital Asset Reports
    • Part I - Runtime 00:59:38 [MP4 105.0 MB]
    • Part II - Runtime 00:51:40 [MP4 98.8 MB]
    • Part III - Runtime 00:43:53 [MP4 81.7 MB]
  • Workshop IV - Workflow and Structure Reports
    • Part I - Runtime 01:07:40 [MP4 26.6 MB]
    • Part II - Runtime 01:51:53 [MP4 44.3 MB]
    • Part III - Runtime 00:27:37 [MP4 7.95 MB]
  • ALDER Budget to Actuals - Runtime 01:51:32 [MP4 146.0 MB]
  • ALDER Personal Services - Runtime 01:02:40 [MP4 106.0 MB]