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System References and Resources

Helpful References for State of Alaska Employees

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For Your Information

Many IRIS References and Resources are only available to State of Alaska (SOA) employees. The majority of the files linked from the page are only accessible from within the State of Alaska (SOA) network, these files are notated as "SOA Only". If you are an IRIS user outside the network, please use the link labeled "Non-SOA WAN Link". To login, please use your Enterprise Directory User ID and SOA Password. Your user ID usually consists of your first and middle initials and your last name, you may verify your user ID using the State Employee Directory. If you are having trouble with your password please contact your department's assigned Enterprise Directory Password Administrator.

Table of Contents

General References and Resources

IRIS Forms

IRIS System Security and Workflow

Questions? Contact the IRIS Security and Workflow (SWAT) email address at

Job-Aids and References


Human Resource Management (HRM)

What is Changing?

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Payroll Information

Personnel Management

Position Management

Time and Attendance

Procurement (SOA Only)

The IRIS Procurement Team has created a number of reference documents related to specific procurement functions in IRIS. These documents include:

Training Manuals (SOA Only)

IRIS-100 General Overview

IRIS-110: Getting Started

IRIS-120: Workflow

IRIS-130: Chart of Accounts Overview

IRIS-140: Procurement Overview

IRIS-200: Management Overview

IRIS-210: Requesting and Receiving Goods and Services

IRIS-310: Reimbursable Service Agreements

IRIS-320: Clearing Cash Receipts

IRIS-321: Billed Receivables

IRIS-330: Accounts Payable

IRIS-340: P-Card and Travel

IRIS-401: Departmental Chart of Accounts (COA) Management

IRIS-410: Capital and Operating Budgets

IRIS-420: Cost Accounting

IRIS-430: Fixed Assets

IRIS-440: Fixed Assets Construction in Progress

IRIS-510: Solicitation and Awards

IRIS-520: Warehouse Inventory

IRIS-530: Contract Management

IRIS-600: Getting Started with IRIS HRM

IRIS-610: Position Control

IRIS-620: Personnel Management

IRIS-630: Employee Relations

IRIS-640: Time and Attendance

IRIS-650: Timekeeping for Timekeepers

IRIS-660: IRIS HRM for Supervisors

IRIS-670: Central Payroll Management

IRIS-680: Payroll Accounting

Video Tutorials (SOA Only)

IRIS Video Tutorials are available online. These tutorials are available as MPEG-4 (MP4) video files and Shockwave Flash. They are large files, runtime (MM:SS) is notated next to each recording for your reference. Shockwave Flash files are being provided with closed captioning for hearing impaired users.

Your browser should automatically select the best player application for this file type, recommended players include the Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

IRIS HRM: Employee Self Service (ESS)

IRIS HRM: Payroll Accounting

IRIS HRM: Personnel Management

IRIS FIN/PROC: Procurement eCatalog (PunchOut)

IRIS FIN/PROC: Requesting and Receiving Goods and Services

IRIS FIN/PROC: Reimbursable Service Agreements

IRIS FIN/PROC: Clearing Cash Receipts

IRIS FIN/PROC: Billed Receivables

IRIS FIN/PROC: Accounts Payable

IRIS FIN/PROC: P-Card and Travel

IRIS Insight Newsletter

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