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Alaska Administrative Manual (AAM)

Contains State of Alaska accounting/payroll policies and information clarifying accounting and payroll procedures. Policies are carried out through standard statewide procedures in the Accounting Procedures Manual (APM) and Payroll Procedures Manual (PPM).

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IRIS Re-Appropriation Handy Guide (RAHG)

With the implementation of Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS) on 7/5/2015, several practices from the legacy system changed. During the first re-appropriation period in IRIS (July and August of 2016) the primary problem was related to fiscal year (FY) field. This document, the IRIS Re-Appropriation Handy Guide (RAHG) is intended to provide the information end users need to properly process transactions during re-appropriation.

RAHG Presentation on June 20, 2017 by Accounting Services

A recording of the WebEx Presentation of the RAHG Version 1 is as a MPEG-4 (MP4) video file. This is a large file, runtime (HH:MM) and file size is notated next to the recording for your reference. Your browser should automatically select the best player application for this file type, recommended players include the Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

Payroll Procedures Manual (PPM)

Provides general information and detailed procedures for processing human resource and payroll data in the Alaska Statewide Payroll System (AKPAY) for State of Alaska employees.

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