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Accounting Procedures Manual (APM)

NOTE: With the exception of Section 10: Vendors and Section 16: AutoPay, the Accounting Procedures Manual will not be updated prior to the implementation of the State's accounting system replacement.

AKSAS Financial Transactions Section

Provides general information and detailed procedures for recording financial transactions in AKSAS.

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Alaska Administrative Manual (AAM)

Contains State of Alaska accounting/payroll policies and information clarifying accounting and payroll procedures. Policies are carried out through standard statewide procedures in the Accounting Procedures Manual (APM) and Payroll Procedures Manual (PPM).

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Transmittal Memorandums

IRIS Handy Guide

A summary financial and structural transaction reference, providing a quick guide to the processing of budget, expenditure, journal entry, and revenue transactions in IRIS.

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Payroll Procedures Manual (PPM)

Provides general information and detailed procedures for processing human resource and payroll data in the Alaska Statewide Payroll System (AKPAY) for State of Alaska employees.

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