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Moving provides a variety of resources and information related to reimbursing costs associated with relocating State of Alaska employees. Resources include:


Frequently Asked Questions

01. Section AAM 60.350 allows an agency to reassign an employee to a temporary duty station and pay for actual moving costs and round trip transportation for the employee and dependents. Is an employee also entitled to per diem while reassigned per AAM 60.250?
No, an employee is not entitled to per diem under AAM 60.250 if they and their family are relocated in accordance with AAM 60.350. The "residence" of the employee as defined in AAM 60.020 is now the temporary duty station. Therefore, no travel expenses for meals or per diem are allowed while at the temporary duty station.
02. Section AAM 60.370 states that a new employee may not be given an advance against moving expenses, does this mean just the expenses related to moving personal items, or is it to also mean they may not have an advance for per diem?
This clause means no advances, even for per diem (AAM 60.370).
03. Is an employee entitled to per diem for his/her spouse at the full rate if the spouse is on a house-hunting trip and the employee does not accompany the spouse? The employee in this situation has remained at his/her current duty station.
The employee would be entitled to full per diem for his/her spouse in this situation but not for the employee (AAM 60.360). Please note that all expenses paid by the state (including airfare, lodging and M&IE, etc.) for the premove househunting trip are considered taxable compensation under current IRS regulations.
04. An employee was moved to Juneau from Washington. The employee's spouse came up later. The spouse was driven to the airport by a friend for the flight to Juneau. Is the employee entitled to the mileage for this trip to the airport?
Generally yes, but reimbursement is limited to the amount a shuttle, taxi, or similar transportation service would have cost (AAM 60.360).
05. Where AAM 60.400 addresses returning an exempt public official to the original residence and encumbering the estimated expense, does this mean it should be encumbered at the original appointment, or does this mean at the point of termination?
This means encumbered at the point of termination (AAM 60.400).
06. If an exempt official is being returned to the original residence upon completion of their appointment, are they allowed a per diem while looking for a permanent residence?
No. At the discretion of the appointing authority, they may be authorized reimbursement of actual and necessary moving expenses, including per diem while en route. But they are not authorized premove househunting trips, or per diem once they have reached their destination (AAM 60.400).