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Airfare Cost, Savings & Lost Opportunities for Savings Reports

The cost and savings calculations, produced quarterly by the Department of Administration, are based on savings codes applied to individual E-Travel Online itineraries or to itineraries booked by the contract travel agents. The contract savings are calculated by comparing the contract purchase price to the same fare without the contract discount. The managed savings are calculated by comparing the purchase price to a comparison basis fare. The comparison basis fares for each savings category are listed on the first tab of the E-Travel and Medicaid Cost Savings Analysis reports (Excel).

The calculation also compares reported savings to the fees paid for the quarter. The Net Calculated (Cost) or Benefit from E-Travel is the amount reported as savings in excess of the fees paid for the quarter.

For Medicaid travel, the savings amount is determined by the calculated contract savings in excess of the fees paid for the quarter.

Questions about this information should be directed to Danielle Meier, the State E-Travel Manager.

Cumulative Savings Report (FY 2005 - 2015) [PDF]

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