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Traveler & Travel Desk Process Reminders

Updated July 31, 2015

Airfare Guarantee

Airfare only guaranteed once an itinerary is approved and purchased

The first Alaska Airlines air fare quote is held for 24 hours. However, the 24-hour fare guarantee does not protect advance fare requirement for ticketing time limits. Other major carriers do not necessarily have the same policy. Air carriers do not allow for multiple holds. Changes in flight reservations are quoted but are not actually held until approved and air fares are not guaranteed until purchased. This is true for both preliminary and final itinerary changes.

Profile Name

The profile name used in E-Travel Online or given to an E-Travel Agent must be accurate. To obtain the correct profile name for a traveler or generic profile, a travel planner can view the list of profiles they are attached to in E-Travel Online. If the arranger has more than 50 profile associations, the traveler name or three-letter division code can be added to the Last Name field. If the name you are searching for is not listed, you may contact your Department Travel Coordinator for further assistance.

Profile Changes

Changes to profiles (including changes to email addresses in the profiles)

Contact the Travel Coordinator in your department. The list of Travel Coordinators is available on the travel website.

Correspondence with Corporate Travel Management

Reservation Call Center: Call 1-866-762-8728 or 907-500-4292, or email

E-Travel Online Help Desk: Call 877-500-4290 or 907-500-4290 (in Juneau).

Research: Email

Proper email to Corporate Travel Management regarding current travel itineraries:

  1. must always be in the To: field. You can cc the travel agent.
  2. Do not change the subject line when replying to an itinerary.
  3. New information or requests must be at the top of the email string.
  4. Do not put credit card information in an email. Ask the travel agent to call for credit card information.


Approvals for itineraries not purchased in E-Travel Online

Approval emails must include in the body:

  1. the actual itinerary being approved
  2. the name of the arranger
  3. the word "approved"
  4. the name of the department approver
  5. specific approval for state payment of a deviation extension when applicable

NOTE: Do not send approvals and changes in the same email

Emergency Travel

Corporate Travel Management has agents specialized in rural and emergency travel. Arrangements are made by contacting the Reservation Call Center. During normal business hours, pressing Option 1 will forward caller to specialized agents. Calls after-hours are redirected to the after-hour agent.