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E-Travel Services & Requirements

Updated November 17, 2017


Booking a trip
A fee applies per itinerary, which may include air, car, hotel, and other modes of transportation.
State Authorized Air Fare Quote Only
Air fare quote only can be accomplished by using E-Travel Online and saving the information as research. There is no fee for this service. If the travel agency is asked for the fare quote, a full agent assist fee applies. The fee is charged immediately and the requested air quote only is sent as a final.
Refunds and Voids
Refunds and voids can be handled in E-Travel Online during the trip cancellation process. The fee for a refund is reduced and the fee for a void is waived. An agent assistance fee applies for processing refunds or voids that are not handled via E-Travel Online.
Companion Fares
Two fees apply, one for each State traveler (paid by the State). If one is not a State traveler, the itinerary cannot be booked by the travel agency or E-Travel Online. Alaska Airlines requires a single form of payment for both tickets and the reservations for both travelers must be held in the same confirmation code.
A fee applies to each charter and is charged at the same time the preliminary itinerary is sent. If the charter is subsequently canceled, the fee still applies.


Please contact the ETMT with any questions regarding these standards.

When is E-Travel Required?

  • Booking travel on scheduled air carriers
  • Reserving rental cars
  • Full service travel arrangements that include air, hotel, and/or car

Air travel for all state funded executive branch travelers, including board and commission members, clients, witnesses, etc. is arranged by E-Travel.

Use E-Travel Online when possible. Create your own prelim by using the research option and email the itinerary to the approver and/or traveler. Once approved, a ticket is purchased using E-Travel Online. A final itinerary will be sent to the emails in the travel profile.

Alternatively call the travel management contractor (TMC) at 1-866-762-8728 or 907-500-4292 to make a reservation. A preliminary or final itinerary will be sent depending on approval status.

When is E-Travel optional?

The E-Travel Office can be used for these types of travel:

  • Air only on rural carriers included in the list below
  • Charters
  • Bus only
  • Ferry only
  • Hotel only
  • Conference hotels
  • Lodging not available in E-Travel Online

The use of E-Travel is optional for itineraries to rural communities that are served by one of the following carriers and do not include segments operated by Alaska Airlines, RAVN Alaska, or Pen Air. Rural carriers that are not included in the list below must be booked via CTM either using the online rural request or directly with an E-Travel agent. This ensures the carrier requested has met licensing requirements and holds a current and valid certificate.

  • Airlift Alaska
  • Alaska Air Transit
  • Alaska Seaplanes
  • Bering Air
  • Evert Air
  • Fjord Air / Glacial Air
  • Grant Aviation
  • Hageland Aviation
  • Ilamna Air Taxi
  • Island Air Taxi
  • KBAY Air
  • Lake and Peninsula Airlines
  • Pacific Airways
  • Paklook DBA Yute Commuter
  • Ryan Air
  • Smokey Bay Air
  • Taquan Air
  • Warbelow’s Air Ventures
  • Wright Air Service

What services are not available through E-Travel?

  • Paper complimentary first class upgrades
  • Using Companion Coupons for non-State business
  • Personal credit card as a form of payment
  • Routing change on a personal deviation
  • Hotel direct bills
  • Complimentary upgrades that are paper must be presented at the airport. The travel agency can process upgrades if they are in E-certificate format as well as MVP and MVP Gold status upgrades.

Routing changes/personal deviation and personal credit cards policies are outlined in AAM 60.080.

Hotels require a direct bill application from the requestor before authorizing this type of payment.

How do I request a "State-authorized fare quote" for a trip that has already happened?

  • Send an email to request a fare quote for the State authorized travel. (A full agent assisted fee applies. Deduct the fee from traveler's reimbursement.) Include the following in the email:
    • Put "PAST DATE FARE REQUEST" in the subject line
    • Profile name
    • Name of traveler
    • Dates, times, and destinations of original State authorized travel
    • Date trip was authorized (this will provide the agent with any advance purchase information)

How do I request research services?

Travel agency staff can assist State agencies with billing and service issues between State and travel providers.

Fees may apply to this service.

Please contact the ETMT with any questions regarding these standards.