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Mandatory Insurance Suspension

Alaska has both Mandatory Insurance and Financial Responsibility laws. The purpose of these laws is to ensure that drivers and owners of vehicles using the streets and highways are financially responsible for any damage or injury caused by motor vehicle collisions and to remove financially irresponsible drivers from the highways.

The mandatory insurance law requires the operator or owner of a motor vehicle subject to registration to have motor vehicle liability insurance in effect when the vehicle is driven on a highway, vehicular way or area, or other public property in the state. The owner's or driver's motor vehicle liability insurance policy must meet the minimum coverage amounts required by law.

The minimum coverage amounts are $50,000.00 for injuries or death to any one person, $100,000.00 for total injuries or death per collision, and $25,000.00 for property damages.

A driver who has been involved in a collision, regardless of fault, is required to show proof of motor vehicle liability insurance if the collision resulted in personal injury or death, or damage to property exceeding $500.00. A driver may show proof by completing the Certificate of Insurance form provided by the investigating police office at the collision scene. The form is also available from any Division of Motor Vehicles Office or can be completed online.

The Division of Motor Vehicles must suspend the driver's license, privilege to drive or privilege to obtain a license of drivers who fail to provide proof of liability insurance. The suspension period can be 90 days to 1 year depending on prior license actions. The license suspension will occur even if the driver is not at fault in the collision.

A person may apply for a limited work purpose license during the suspension period. The application for mandatory insurance Limited License may be obtained at any Division of Motor Vehicle Office.  There is not a fee for this specific type of Limited License due.

Drivers must reinstate their privilege to drive at the end of their suspension period.

A person's license may also be suspended for non-compliance with the  Financial Responsibility law.

If you have additional questions you can call, write, e-mail or visit a DMV office.