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State Single Audit

Single Audit Codes

Audit Types
CHILD Program Audit - Child Care
F/A Financial Audit
FOOD Program Audit - Federal Food Program
F-PGM Program Audit - Federal
NONE Single audit not on file. See codes below for further information.
OTHER Reviewed statements or miscellaneous.
PROB There was a problem with the audit received, such as missing or incorrect reports.
SFPGM Program Audit - State and Federal
S-PGM Program Audit - State
STUB Stub period audit (used for changes in FY)
XMPT The grantee is exempt from submitting a single audit.
Special Purpose Audit Codes
18888 No longer in business
19989 NON-COMPLIANT GRANTEE - Declaration Issued
19993 Audit in progress
19994 Audit not required - Covered in audit of another entity
19997 Exempt - Not subject to single audit
19999 Audit expected, but not yet received

If you have any questions please contact the State Single Audit Coordinator, Colleen Campbell at (907) 465-4666.