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CPA firms who have submitted single audits to the State in the last two years

A listing of CPA firms who have submitted federal and/or state single audits to the State of Alaska over the last two years, and the date of their most recent peer review report. This list does not include all CPA firms qualified to perform single audits.

A current peer review report must be on file with the State in order to accept any single audit prior to FY08. For audits after FY08, a copy of the CPA firm's current peer review report may be viewed on the AICPA website, or by requesting a copy of the peer review report directly from the CPA firm.

Suggested Steps for Choosing an Audit Firm

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has provided an informational document "Procuring Governmental Audit Services" that will provide you with information on the various steps involved in selecting an independent auditing firm. This link is posted with permission from AICPA.

Additionally, if you are obtaining a federal single audit in addition to a state single audit, please be aware of the requirements of 2 CFR Part 200.509 – Auditor Selection

Check on the Status of a CPA License in Alaska

Check to see if a CPA (individual or firm) has a current license in Alaska using the Professional Licence Search Tool

Instructions - Enter "CPA" in the "board" field, then enter the last name and/or city in the appropriate fields and click on the "Search" button. This will display a list of both current and lapsed licensees.

List of Current License Actions

View a listing of the current disciplinary License Actions by the Alaska Board of Public Accountancy

Tip - List is in date order, with most current actions listed first.

Submitting Single Audits to the State of Alaska

Submitting Single Audits [PDF] - Flyer listing the mailing address and instructions for determining how many copies of an audit to submit.