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Payment Detail Report


The State of Alaska is publishing information from the statewide accounting system on the web. This is part of a national trend for governments to develop websites that allow constituents to view financial information in searchable formats. Such websites are widely considered to improve transparency into the financial operations of government.

Each payment detail report includes all vendor and grantee payments processed within the month and displays the following fields:

  • Date, either the date the payment (warrant) was printed, or for recurring payments, the date the payment template was last updated.
  • Name and location of the vendor or grantee.
  • Requesting department.
  • Amount and warrant number.
  • The purpose of the payment in the form of the account code and the account's short description.

Payments from certain payment systems [PDF] have been excluded based on a confidentiality analysis performed by the Department of Law. Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) payments are not presented in this report. Information on these annual payments is available on the PFD website.


Calendar Year 2018

Calendar Year 2017

Calendar Year 2016

Calendar Year 2015

The State of Alaska implemented a new financial and procurement system, IRIS, on July 1, 2015. Fiscal Year 2016 reports will look different from previous fiscal year reports due to this change.

Calendar Year 2014

Calendar Year 2013

NOTE: If you need detail reports that have been removed from this page please contact the Division of Finance webmaster.

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  • Payment purpose is shown by the account code and description. More information regarding these account codes is available in the Expenditure Account Code Reference [DOC] document.
  • If you have questions about a specific payment, please inquire with the agency contacts listed.
  • If you have suggestions to improve this website presentation, please contact DOF management by email or at (907) 465-2240.