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Military Information



veterans designator

If you are a retired veteran, or a veteran of the armed forces discharged under honorable conditions, you are eligible for a veterans designation on your license or ID card.

To receive the designation you must provide one of the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214 or DD Form 215);
  2. Report of Separation and Record of Service, Departments of the Army and Air Force, National Guard Bureau (NGB22 or NGB22A);
  3. A letter signed by the Veterans Department that identifies the applicant as a retired veteran or veteran discharged under honorable conditions;
  4. A valid military identification card that identifies applicant as a retired veteran or veteran discharged under honorable conditions.


Military Extension

Effective in June 1997, Alaska adopted a military extension policy that states that your non-commercial driver's license is valid for 90 days after discharge or return to the State of Alaska, whichever occurs first.  As long as you are military personnel, your Alaska non-commercial  license is valid.   Effective January 1st, 2011, the policy was extended to military spouses.

A commercial license issued to a person domiciled in Alaska must be renewed every 5 years.  If you are stationed outside of Alaska and you hold a commercial license, your Alaska license is not eligible for renewal.  You must surrender your Alaska license to the state where you are currently living and obtain a commercial license in that state.

Please continue to keep your address updated with Alaska at all times.

Motorcycle Licenses for Military Members:

In Alaska a motorcycle license is a class of license and not an endorsement. This means that under Alaska law a person obtaining a new class of license, such as a motorcycle license, must be examined by the DMV.  Due to the requirement to appear in person, the Alaska DMV cannot make any modifications to your current class of license if you are not physically present in the State.  This also applies to members of the military who may be stationed out of state.

ALASKA STATUTE:  SEC. 28.15.101.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a driver’s license expires on the licensee’s birthday in the fifth year following issuance of the license. A license may be renewed within one year of its expiration upon proper application, payment of the required fee, and except when a license is renewed under (c) of this section, successful completion of a test of the licensee’s eyesight.  (b) The department may defer the expiration of the driver’s license of a person who is outside the state under terms and conditions that the department shall prescribe by regulation.


Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a non-commercial driver's license issued under this chapter to a person who is military personnel and who is stationed outside of this state, and that person's spouse, are extended beyond the expiration date until the earlier of the following dates:

(1) 90 days after the person who is military personnel is discharged from military service;


(2) 90 days after the person's return to the state.

If you feel you need something else in addition to the information above, a card is available to military personnel and military spouses that can be carried with the expired Alaska license. If your license is going to expire soon and you would like a military extension, click the link here (Military Extension Card) to download your extension card. If you have any questions feel free to email

Military Extension Card

REV. 09/06/2013