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Reinstate After Unsatisfied Judgment


How to Reinstate your Driving Privileges after a Suspension for Unsatisfied Judgment

When you lose your privilege to drive in Alaska for an unsatisfied court judgment, the state suspends your license or privilege to drive. Your driving record will show that the state has taken some kind of action against your license. When you take the steps needed to get your license back, you are reinstating your driver's license or privilege to drive.

To get your license back following the loss of your driving privileges, you need to apply for a new license at a Division of Motor Vehicles office and meet the following requirements.

  1. Pass the written and vision tests. You may need a road test as well.
  2. Pay the reinstatement and license fees.
  3. Present proof of birth and identity. See original license requirements for acceptable documents.
  4. A notarized Parent Consent form if you are under 18.
    (Required when your parent or guardian will not be accompanying you to the DMV)
  5. Show proof that you have paid for the damages caused by the collision in one of the following manners:
  • Pay the complete amount you owe. Obtain a notarized general release from the person you made the payment to.
  • Make payments over a period of time until the damages are all paid. You will need to sign a promissory note that shows you agree to make payments to all the people who need to be paid. It will have to be notarized.
  • Apply to the court that rendered the judgement and request the priviledge of paying the judgement in installments. The court may order and fix the amount and time of payment of the installments. You would need to supply the court order showing where this has been done.

NOTE: If you do not know all the people who were involved in the accident or who you owe money to you can call Juneau Driver Services and ask for the Financial Responsibility Desk.

  1. Provide proof of SR22 insurance to the DMV at the time you reinstate your license.
  2. Sometimes, you need to take care of other problems before you are able to get your license back. When there are other problems with your license, a Division of Motor Vehicles employee will tell you what you need to do so that you can get your license back.

If you have additional questions you can call, write, e-mail or visit a DMV office.

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