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Your First Alaska Driver License

Congratulations! As a beginning driver the privilege to drive represents a stepping stone in your life. In Alaska, you may apply for your first Alaska Driver License after you turn 18; however, with your parent's help you may qualify sooner. Additionally there are several requirements that you need to follow to ensure that you know the laws, are a proficient driver, and will conduct yourself safely on the road.

What if I'm younger than 18?

If you are between 14 and 16, you may apply for a learner's permit.

If you are between 16 and 18, you may apply for a provisional licensing.

How do I get my License?

You must go a local Division of Motor Vehicles office to apply for a driver license. You will submit Form 478, which can be filled out and printed in advance.

Please note: The DMV has developed additional services to assist Alaska's rural residents with licensing issues unique to remote communities. Please read the guide to rural driving.

What do I bring to the DMV?

In order to get your Alaska driver license, please bring the following documents with you to the DMV when applying:

Proof of your Legal name and Date of Birth (called the "primary document")

The following documents are acceptable for proving your legal name and date of birth. If your legal name is different than what is printed on your birth certificate, you will need to bring in the document(s) that provide proof of your name change.

  • An original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate (From Vital Statistics)
    If you were born in Puerto Rico, click here for important information
  • Passport (Issued by the United States or Canada. Must be current.)(military or “no fee” passports are only valid for use when used abroad for military purposes and not valid for this purpose)
  • An Alaska learner's permit or Alaska State Identification card.
  • Military Identification for active duty, retiree or reservist.
  • Certificate of Citizenship, Naturalization or Birth Abroad.
  • Passport issued from another country, with appropriate immigration documents.
Proof of Name Change (if applicable)

If you have previously obtained an Alaska learner's permit or Alaska State ID card in your current name, you are not required to bring in additional documentation.

Otherwise, the document provided must be an original or certified copy of the original issued by a government agency.

  • U.S. Passport (Must be current)(military or “no fee” passports are only valid for use when used abroad for military purposes and not valid for this purpose)
  • Amended birth certificate
  • Certified adoption papers, marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree
  • Certificate of Dissolution, Divorce or Annulment
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Name Change
A second document to verify your primary document
This may be one of the following: a permit or license from another state, employee ID, health insurance card, IRS or state tax form, medical records, military dependent identification, pilot's license, or school ID
Proof of your current residence

The following items are acceptable for proving residency. The document must show your residence address, not a post office box or other mail cache facility.

  • Utility bill
  • Alaska voter registration card
  • Alaska title and/or registration (Issued at least 30 days prior to application)
  • Paycheck Stub
  • Medical Assistance card
  • Public Assistance card
  • Cancelled check or bank statement
  • Mortgage or rental documents
Proof of your Social Security Number

If you have a Social Secuirty Number number, you must put it on your application. For information regarding your social security number, please see the following:

Please bring your social security card. (Please note that the DMV will not accept cards that have been laminated.)

Instead of a social security card, you may bring another document issued by the United States Social Security Administration or the United States Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service that show both your name and social security number.

What tests do I take?

An applicant will be required to pass the written knowledge test, a road test, a vision test prior to being issued a driver license. You must pass an alcohol and drug awareness knowledge test to renew your license or to upgrade from a permit to a license.

Written Knowledge Test
Your Alaska learner's permit can substitute for this test.
Road Test
Please read more details regarding the road test
Vision Test
If you eyesight improves, you will be required to retake this test to remove limitations.
Alcohol and Drug Awareness Knowledge Test

Exceptions: All applicants that obtained their Alaska driver license prior to October 21st, 2008 and all applicants 21 and older transferring a license from another state.

What fees will I pay?

See the following page for fees.