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Veteran License Plates Gallery

For the special plates that are not listed below, and are not on the approved list, other arrangements must be made to order them. Please refer all questions regarding this type of plate to Barbara Hord.

The following are on the approved list.
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General Public Gallery       Unit Designation Gallery     Veteran Gallery

Special / Restricted Gallery

Air Force Graphic
Air Force
A003000 30.00 0.00
Mountain Graphic
A001000 30.00 0.00
Vet Graphic
Coast Guard
B003000 30.00 0.00
AK National Guard Graphic
Alaska National Guard
B006000 30.00 0.00
UAA Graphic
B005000 30.00 0.00
UAF Graphic
B004000 30.00 0.00
Lao Veteran
Lao Veteran
B002052 30.00 0.00

Rev. 03/17/2014