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Military Information Home Page

It is very important that you update your address with us each time you tranfer to a new duty station.  You maybe eligible to update your address using our ADDRESS CHANGE system.  If it does not work for you, please provide your new mailing and residence (physical location) address, license plate number(s), legal name and current driver license expiration date.  All vehicle and driving records are separate files in our system and must be updated individually.

While stationed overseas, please continue to keep your address updated with us. You are not required to maintain your Alaska registration while stationed outside of the USA. Once you return, please contact DMV for procedures on renewing your registration.

If you have suggestions about anything that would be helpful for active duty military, please click HERE and share your suggestions with us.  This link can also be used when you need further assistance of any kind, instead of spending your time on a long distance phone call.  If you send a message, please do not call, as we will answer your email.