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Veteran's Plates

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In a measure to honor persons who have served or are serving with United States Armed Forces, the State Legislature has designated several special license plates for veterans, recipients of the Purple Heart Medal, veterans who have been a Prisoner of War (POW) or veterans who are survivors of Pearl Harbor. There is a $30.00 plate fee charged at the time of initial application for or replacement of veteran's plates and National Guard plates. There is no charge for POW, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart or Gold Star Family plates.

Some plates are available at most DMV offices, either at the public service counter, or they will be mailed within two business days. The Support our Troops plates are not available for motorcycles or trailers (small plates) due to the plate layout.

In order to apply for these special plates, an applicant must provide the following verification:

Applicants for Veteran's plates must submit proof they have served or are currently serving with a branch of the United States Armed Forces. Acceptable proof of service include copies of discharge papers (DD Form 214), a letter of verification from the Veteran's Administration, Military Identification card or other comparable proof of service. Veteran's plates may be used on motor vehicles. In addition to the following plates, UNIT Designator Personalized Veteran Plates are also available. If you designator is not listed view our Special Order Plate FAQ Sheet for further information on Unit Designator Vet Plates.

Gold Star Family

Gold Star

Gold Star Family (GSF) plates are available to the spouse, parent, guardian, sibling, or dependent of a member of the United Stated armed forces killed in the line of duty. The applicant must submit a Report of Casualty (DD Form 1300) to be eligible. If the applicant is not listed on the DD 1300, further proof must be submitted to connect the applicant to the fallen soldier.

Air Force

Air Force Plate


Army Plate

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Plate


Marines Plate


Navy Plate

National Guard

National Guard Plate

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Applicants for National Guard plates, must show they are active members of the Alaska National Guard. Acceptable proof of service is the official National Guard identification card. The plates may only be issued to a motor vehicle owned solely or jointly by the active member of the National Guard.

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Purple Heart

Purple Heart Plates

Applicants for Purple Heart plates must show acceptable proof by providing a copy of official documentation of the Purple Heart Award to DMV. A DD214 is one document that may contain this information as would a copy of orders awarding the Purple Heart Medal. Each applicant is entitled to Purple Heart Plates for use on a motor vehicle.

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Applicants for Prisoner of War plates must provide written verification from the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs that they were POWs. Each applicant may obtain one set of POW plates, free of charge, for display on a non-commercial vehicle.

POW Graphic

Ex-Prisoner of War

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Special plates are available for veterans of military operations in support of the United States in the Kingdom of Laos between February 28, 1961, and May 15, 1975. Use Form 803V - APPLICATION FOR PERSONALIZED VETERAN PLATES.

An Applicant must provide one of the following:

  • An original document issued by the U.S. Military during the required period showing membership in a service with a special guerrilla unit or irregular forces in Laos;
  • An affidavit from the serving person’s superior officer or non-commissioned officer;
  • An affidavit from another individual who also served with such a special guerrilla unit or irregular forces who personally knew of the person’s service;
  • An affidavit from a family member of another individual who also served with such a special guerrilla unit or irregular forces, and who personally knew of the person’s service;
  • A signed Congressional Commendation for Vietnam War Service in Laos;
  • A commendation issued by the government of South Vietnam;
  • Pay record from the appropriate time period;
  • An identification card from the Lao Veteran’s of America, Inc., SGU Veterans and Families of U.S.A., INC., or other organization that requires documentation of service.

POW Graphic

Lao Veteran

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The following items are to be submitted to DMV when requesting any of these plates:

  • Proof of service, current service or other proof as shown above
  • Vehicle Transaction Application (vehicle registered in your name) or Application for Title & Registration (New or transfer vehicles)
  • Statement on application as to what is being requested (Comments or Affidavit)
  • $30.00, if applicable (See above)
  • Copy of registration for vehicle the plates are being requested for.
  • Application for Personalized Veteran Plates. (Not required for POW, PHS or Purple Heart plates.)

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Commemorative Veteran

Comm Vet

These plates are available to any Alaska resident. They can be ordered as personalized or non-personalized.  There is a $100.00 fee for the plates, as well as $35.00 additional to support Veterans programs that is collected at time of renewal.

Support Our Troops

These plates are available to any Alaska resident.  They are available as personalized plates.  There is a $40.00 fee for the plates, as well as $40.00 additional to support Veterans programs that is collected at time of renewal.

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